It’s now 5 days since my partner B had the seizure that has led to his diagnosis with a brain tumour. I’ve started this blog for my own therapy and sanity, it might be helpful to write stuff down, it will give me something to do and if anyone wants to read it – so be it.



  1. Melissa · · Reply

    Loved your blog Jilly. Some heavy information made palatable with some well placed humour. Now just have to work out how to stop feeling bad that I’ve giggled at a blog about a brain tumour. But if that’s my biggest problem for today that’s ok x

  2. Karen · · Reply

    Super stuff, Jill. Glad you’ve started this. Where on earth did you get that photo? It is surreal and perfect for this. Write on. xx

    1. It was part of the David Shrigley ‘Brain Activity’ exhibition we saw a while ago at the Hayward Gallery. I thought of it immediately.

  3. Brave Jill, hope it helps you xxx

  4. I’m with Melissa, this is a great blog. Umm, now I feel bad.
    Let’s hope that the reason is started is resolved happily very soon and you can share your writing talents with a less serious subject matter.

  5. […] is a year ago today that B danced the funky chicken, a few feet from where I now sit. On that sunny day he performed a […]

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