We’re spending quite a bit of time at home at the moment, while we wait for next week’s neurosurgeon appointment. We’re getting out and going for long walks (we’ve discovered areas of our neighbourhood we’ve never seen) but inevitably we’re at home much more than usual.

I can’t stand silence, and Jeremy Kyle/Loose Women isn’t an option. We have a vast iTunes library but it’s amazing how much of it is inappropriate at the moment. No White Lies, Rammstein, Cure, and as my sister Melissa has pointed out, don’t even think about putting The Smiths on right now.

Today I came into the living room to find that B had started playing the best of Elliot Smith, possibly the worst option available. This was swiftly replaced with New Order. I had a look on Amazon for something like “Now That’s What I Call Music To Get You Through Your Serious Illness” but sadly there was nothing. There’s a gap in the market.

The ridiculous bad-girl prom-queen lyrics of Lana Del Rey are quite a hit with me at the moment, and appeal to my sense of the absurd. “Baby put on heart-shaped sunglasses, cause we’re gonna take a ride”. Sounds great Lana, but do you mind doing the driving? I’ve been banned by the DVLA since the seizure. And I don’t own heart-shaped sunglasses. Are we still good to go?


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