I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed sleeping quite as much as I do at the moment. I’m still getting a moment of horrible realisation on waking, but it’s less of a shock each day. My subconscious has decided that 5am is an optimal time for a spot of worrying, but I can usually go back to sleep after that. B is sleeping very well, which is good.

At the moment B is apologising a lot, for “putting me through all this”. To which my response is – yes, you should be sorry, how could you have been developing this tumour all this time, behind my back? Didn’t you think about how it would affect me? Selfish!

Today we’re going to the World Photo London exhibition. We might walk home from there, or walk the bus route and hop on when we get tired. Long walks are good at the moment and help with our “no moping” rule.


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