The power

It felt very weird being back at work today, as if I hadn’t been there in a year, rather than a week. But it was good to do “normal” things for a while.

No such luck for B, who had an appointment with a solicitor to write his will, living will and organise lasting power of attorney. The triple whammy. As we’re not married I have no legal status as far as he’s concerned, so it’s important to get all of that sorted. B has expressed regret that we haven’t gotten married yet. We haven’t been in any rush for that. It will be nice to get married when it does happen but I’m really not a “wedding person”. Past experience has led me to believe that weddings are pretty meaningless, aside from the legalities they convey. You could call me a hopeless romantic.

Still, nothing says Commitment like bestowing the power to pull the plug, should it be required. It’s just a shame that it doesn’t come with any jewellery.

In other news, the mothership is now preparing for departure and should arrive in a week’s time, which will hopefully be just before the surgery. I’ve assured B that we won’t be stationed on either side of him when he comes round. That might be a bit scary.


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