The Business

Tomorrow we have our meeting with B’s neurosurgeon, whom I like to fondly refer to as The Business. His cv is top-notch and B has confidence in him, which is important when you’re trusting someone to remove part of your brain. Melissa sums up his profile photo thusly: “not overly happy which is good cos he’s in a serious business, but the right amount of smile without looking cocky”. I imagine it took several takes to get it right, cut out the giggling, fingers behind the head, etc.

He has also won a medal, which I expect to see around his neck tomorrow. If not I’ll be asking to see it.

We are both dreading and looking forward to the appointment. Dreading, because The Business will be bound to inform us of all the risks and possible complications of the surgery. Looking forward, as it’s progress towards something happening. The tumour has to come out so we need to face that and then deal with whatever comes next. I’ll be armed with my notebook, list of questions (24 so far) and an appropriate t-shirt.



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