Men often have difficulty expressing their emotions, especially in cases like B’s where he needs to impart distressing information to close family and friends.

Germans are known for being quite logical and matter-of-fact.

As the partner of a German man I can confirm that the combination of the above can be a little disconcerting at times. This is well illustrated by last night’s events. B called his brother Jens with an update on the upcoming surgery and what we know so far. I asked how he took it and B said he was ‘quite upset’.

Jens called back later in the evening and a very short conversation took place.

Me: What was that about?
B: Jens called with flight times for next week, in case I need company.
Me: And do you?
B: No. I’ll be fine next week.
Me: Are you sure? It might help to take your mind off things, and I’m sure Jens wants to spend some time with you.
B: (pause) Yes.

He called him back, and Jens is coming to stay from Sunday until Thursday. What would men do without women?


Disclaimer: B and his brother look nothing like this.


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