Ever since Banana Republic launched their Mad Men collection last year, I’ve been trying to get B into a fedora.


The 2011 response to this proposition was a flat ‘No’ but now that he is going to need hats after the surgery, things might change. I probably don’t need to add that these are not exactly the circumstances in which I want my wish granted.

I’ve been looking at the vast array of men’s hats available. Some are an obvious NO eg. trapper (Fargo), top (Fred Astaire), cowboy (JR Ewing), pork pie (Pete Doherty). I’m not a fan of baseball caps at all. But what of the other options?

Any reader opinions on flat caps? Could a Fez be a smart look for a man about town? Are beanies only acceptable in the winter?

Or are hats themselves wrong? Did Men Without Hats provide the world with a clue to sartorial dressing as well as their hit Safety Dance?



  1. Its all about the trying on. I’ve been trying to get S into a hat for years but he just doesn’t have the head/face combo for it sadly. So try them all on, whichever suits him, get it. If its a top hat then so be it. Just hope it’s not the pork pie :/ x

  2. Melissa · · Reply

    What of the humble beret? Bring out the artist in B.

    1. You don’t think they’re a bit … French? Not sure there is an artist in B! You’ve played him in Draw Something…

  3. Clive · · Reply

    I favour a Barmah (and no that’s not a bit of creeping – I bought my first one in 2000 in Kuranda). Alternatively, if I must wear a hat, a traditional cap is OK. But not an American ‘slap head’ baseball cap.

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