The date

B’s surgery is scheduled for Saturday 19th. 3 days from now. Fortunately we have no plans, it would have been awkward to have to say ‘no can do’ to Dr Bhangoo.

He’s super keen – Saturday 8am! I wonder if he gets time-and-a-half, or even double time. He’s Sikh, so at least we’re fairly confident there won’t be any Friday night binge drinking going on.

There was a flurry of activity last night as the mothership wasn’t due to land until next week. She’s now arriving on Friday.

I need a plausible lie for ‘what are you doing on the weekend?’ as ‘waiting for my boyfriend to come out of brain surgery’ isn’t a great watercooler response. ‘Watching the big game’ should suffice. There’s always a big game being played.

B is scared but glad he doesn’t have to sit around waiting for another week. I’m making the most of the next 2 days with lengthy ‘to do’ lists for him and Jens. I do what I can.



  1. Glad B has got a date. The waiting must be awful. Good luck to you both from everyone at work.

  2. So you’ll soon be at the next stage- The waiting is horrible so at least you both can move forward x

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