Bedside glamour

The other day B’s neurologist asked me how I’m coping. He said that along the road to B’s recovery, if I need a treat or a girl’s night out then by god I should have it (perhaps not verbatim but he said words to that effect).

With that in mind I went to have my makeup done by one of the Laura Mercier girls at House of Fraser yesterday. I’ve been using the same makeup for years and could probably do with a change, and a bit more help to hide the evidence of my advancing years.

She applied ‘the works’ – primer, moisture supreme foundation, secret camouflage, secret concealer, invisible loose setting powder and secret brightening powder, all of which I duly purchased.

She assured me that these products will provide a ‘soft focus’ effect. This was music to my ears as it’s the look I’ve been trying to achieve my whole life.

I now expect that next week, at B’s bedside, I will be a dead ringer for Taylor from The Bold and The Beautiful. I’ll also spend a lot of time standing at the window with my back to the room and my arms folded.



  1. megan crawford · · Reply

    You are a funny woman cuz…now all you need are some shoulder pads and enough botox to ensure you have no facial movements for the next 6 months…

  2. Not that you needed it but that sounds wonderful 🙂
    Although ‘Primer’ is a little B&Q sounding.,,,

    1. That’s wholly appropriate. My un-madeup face is like an untreated piece of masonry.

  3. Melissa · · Reply

    And the collagen Jilly! No bedside beauty is complete without a trout pout.

  4. I’m keeping botox and collagen in my arsenal for the future, definitely. I don’t want to go too hard too soon. Taylor has a very impressive trout pout though, I doubt I can compete with it.

  5. With B begin bed-bound for a at least a few days you’ll have an excellent training ground to fine tune your make up skills on him. According to several studies, having fun with patients improves their condition.

  6. Darren · · Reply

    “According to several studies, having fun with patients improves their condition”

    Maybe B coming out of surgery with his own trout pout – primer/concealer combo could be the key to his patch adams like recovery?!

  7. Karen · · Reply
    Hi it’s kagnog (karen) your sense of humour is so good!! Makes me smile so much I know I am going to enjoy reading your blog. The above link is to a guy called Julian his blog has a lot of great information. We are about 2 weeks out of our treatment schedule.

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