It’s family changeover day here at our Haus. Jens will be returning to Germany later today – he’ll be handed the baton again later when he returns for B’s recovery. The mothership has landed and is currently re-humanising with a shower after her long haul flight.

This afternoon we’ll settle B in at the hospital, where he will have an MRI to prep for tomorrow’s surgery. I expect The Business will breeze in at some point for a pre-op chat. Then I’ll spend the night on a pull-out bed next to B, under a thin blanket and the air-conditioning vent. The things we do for love.

Here’s an example of B’s enduring sense of humour, from yesterday:

Me: There was a woman crying on the tube tonight, fully sobbing. Someone gave her a seat and a tissue. She kept sobbing until she got off at Stockwell.

B: You’d sob if you had to get off at Stockwell.

Here’s a photo of the boys (Jens on left):



  1. Claas · · Reply

    We are keeping our fingers crossed here at Berlin! With a positive sense that everything will work out fine.

    Keep the humour!

    All the Best,


  2. Clive · · Reply

    All the very best for tomorrow. We’ll be thnking of you both. I suspect you can take an extra blanket in with you!

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