Hospital nights

Here I am lying wide awake in B’s room while the night life of the hospital bustles and beeps around me. B is asleep – nothing much disrupts his sleep or his appetite.

Today was quite grim and anxious. B had his pre-op MRI and has had spots strategically shaved into his head for tomorrow’s monitoring. I know he’s always coveted the swear words shaved into their scalps of 90s youths so he must be secretly pleased.

Mum and B and I were present for the pre-op surgical chat. Loads of people clomp up and down the corridor outside but Mr Bhangoo just suddenly and silently appears, as if by magic (once when B and I were lying on his bed, asleep in each others arms – embarrassing).

Mum thinks he is quite attractive. I said ‘yes he may look like Kip in The English Patient but you’re not here to hit on The Business’, to which she took mild offense.

Enough nonsense, will try to get some sleep now.



  1. Wendy · · Reply

    Thinking of you both … many hugs.

    Wen xxxooo

  2. Keep wondering how things are going. much love xx

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