B went into surgery at 8am and I then spent 4.5 hours with mum, feeling very sick and anxious until we were informed that he was in recovery.

The Business came to see me and said the surgery went well, he thinks they have removed all or almost all of the tumour. He is pleased with how it went, which is just what we want to hear. The tumour now needs to be tested, we will know further steps when that analysis has been done. The staples in B’s head need to be removed on Thursday but he may be able to come home earlier than that, as early as Tuesday perhaps.

I saw B and he was conscious but still quite drowsy from the anaesthetic. He has cannulas in both arms, an oxygen mask and various pads linked up to machines for heart monitoring etc.

He isn’t saying much, a few words but the surgeon did say he will be subdued for the first few days. However, the theatre nurse in Recovery said he told her he was bored! I can only think that on the Patient Questionnaire, he’ll be scoring ‘Post-operative entertainment’ a zero. ‘Came out of surgery, there was nothing to do’.

He will be in the High Dependency Unit tonight as the first 24 hours is critical for clots and seizures. All being well, he will be moved back to the private wing tomorrow afternoon. I’ll see him again then and probably spend the night.

For now mum and I are at home and having a quiet Saturday night in. I feel very tired but a bit less stressed now that I know B has made it through the surgery and is in good hands at Kings College.

Thanks to everyone for your kind thoughts and wishes, it’s lovely to know that you are thinking of us.



  1. Clive says make sure that you keep him informed of the champions league final (evidently football). Have big glasses of wine – you both deserve it today (that is, you are your mum for the time being)

  2. Glad to hear that the surgery went well. I hope you manage to get some sleep tonight x

  3. Wendy · · Reply

    My heart goes out to you Jill and Sue – the worst is now over so rest easy.

    xxx Wendy xx

  4. Claas · · Reply

    We are very glad to read this!
    Again, all the best for you!!
    Good night!

  5. Excellent news Jill, have a restful nights sleep xxx

  6. Karen · · Reply

    Glad all went well xxx

  7. Allison · · Reply

    Good news Jill.We are so glad it went well xxxx

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