Hospital nights part 2

It’s 3 weeks since the Sunday B had the seizure and we went to A&E. 3 weeks! BT life (before tumour) already feels like a distant memory.

I’m staying with B in hospital tonight, he is back in his private room. He has to sleep propped up, he is almost upright – because of the swelling/fluid on the brain. It doesn’t look very comfortable.

His speech hasn’t returned yet. He can say yes/no/hi but no sentences. The surgeon said it will return as he recovers but can’t say when as everyone is different. B finds it quite frustrating and upsetting which I can understand but I told him he needs to be patient with himself. It’s only 1 day since he went through the most invasive type of surgery imaginable.

I joked to B about Germans not liking smalltalk, now he can’t do it so doesn’t even have to try! He can still laugh which is a good thing.

Mum made me a very nice Donna Hay dinner before I left home tonight. I’d be living on cereal and pot noodle if not for her.

I’m enjoying just being able to chat with mum about rubbish, it provides some relief from the grimness. I like her critique of London life eg. she would prefer that bus drivers let everyone get on the bus and seat themselves comfortably before moving off. So undignified, all this thrashing about in the aisle.

Well I need to pad up the corridor now to get a cup of tea. I recently bought a matching nightgown and robe which has come in handy for hospital sleepovers. However, I’ve broken out in spots from the new makeup, so my plan for bedside glamour has backfired somewhat.



  1. Thanks for keeping us up to date. Hope he recovers soon.

    Your mum is absolutely right about life in London. Public transport here is a disgrace.

  2. Do NOT take her on the Northern Line at rush hour whatever you do. She’ll be straight back to the haven of Terminal 5!
    Sleep well xxx

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