B’s speech had already improved a bit by the time I arrived at the hospital this morning. I was greeted with ‘I love you’ which was great (I was really hoping to hear this when he could manage it, and not ‘who are you?’)

We had a session with the speech and language therapist, which was excellent. He went through lots of exercises involving repetition, visual cues and drawings and B could actually say quite a lot. He knows it all, it’s just a matter of getting to it.

As he’s super smart, he has a funny habit of trying to say things in a complicated way, rather than the easiest and simplest way possible. For example, when the therapist asked him what the best part of the session was, he said “being able to… formulate… sentences”. Formulate!

He also referred to one drawing of a man as ‘a bloke’. That was a proud Aussie moment for me.

All the specialists and therapists think B is doing remarkably well. I still find it astounding that he only had brain surgery 3 days ago but is already walking around, talking, and being unmistakably ‘himself’. There is a long way to go of course, but we will get there.

Now we’re at home and B is having a nap. A quiet few days ahead until our appointment with Mr Bhangoo in his Harley Street rooms on Thursday. Mum thinks I’m a heartless bitch for asking whether B will be able to manage a tube journey by then (I prefer to think of it as economical). He said ‘best to get a cab’. ‘A cab across the city in the middle of the day! We’re not all neurosurgeons’ (I thought, rather than said. I don’t want to antagonise The Business).



  1. Yes, he is super smart! However, I would see the reason for using “formulate” rather in his German origin. It’s just the direct translation of “Sätze formulieren”.

    All the best,

    1. That’s just one example of many, the therapist and I were laughing at him (in a good way). He strives to be grammatically correct even now. Brain surgery is no excuse for sloppiness 😉

  2. That’s fantastic news 🙂 Very glad he’s himself you must be very relieved xxx

  3. Karen · · Reply

    Glad he his home, i can assure you that you recover quicker in your own surroundings x take care x

  4. That “I Love You” must have been music to your ears Jill. Such amazing news that he’s making such a swift push into recovery. Thinking of youxxx

  5. Uh-oh, that’s scary – B is clearly not the “I love you type”! Looks like they seized the opportunity to rewire a few things. Or this is one of those patients-switched-after-brain-surgery scams the hospital is pulling on you!

    Anyway, glad to hear things are improving, especially the picture recognizing and drawing bit, our DrawSomething game is stalled at 172 rounds…

    1. Actually he’s a very affectionate demonstrative German! In his own quiet way.

  6. Wendy · · Reply

    That’s simply fantastic news Jill – and I understand the ‘formulate’ as Roger spoke like this – especially before I turned him into a working class professional! It took my friends son in-law 6 months to return to normal, it seems B is out to break all records of said recovery! Wen xx

  7. Claas · · Reply

    I am really glad that B’s Recovery is developing that nicely!
    And as a German I think that an expression like “Sätze formulieren” still is elaborate. There are more simple ways to put it.
    So, I suppose that B is going to be better every day and I am happy about it!!!

  8. Unbelivable – he just sent me a text from his iPhone. In 2007 everybody said it would be impossible to write anything on a touch screen. If he can do that, he can do anything.

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