Hats part 2

Today I went to Oxford Street for a bit of hat shopping, while mum stayed at home with B. Topman came through with the goods, I bought 2 lightweight beanies in grey and black and a grey flat cap. They will provide a very chic look for the brain surgery patient-about-town during the summer months (or so said the catalogue).

This afternoon we went for a walk to the common, it was lovely sitting under a tree in the warmth – 28 degrees today! We went through some exercises for B’s Expressive Dysphasia. He seems to find it a bit easier to form short sentences now. He finds it less challenging to respond to questions than just speak ‘off the cuff’. He also sent me a short text today when I was out – he was unable to do that yesterday.

I’ve got a cold at the moment which is annoying and I worry about passing it onto B. No self-pity though. I have even less sympathy now for people with mild illnesses (and there wasn’t much to begin with). My response to complaints is ‘Have you had your head sawn open and part of your brain removed? No? Get on with it then!’ It was a real blow to the nursing profession when I decided to go into IT instead.



  1. Will need a picture of the cap.

  2. Claas · · Reply

    I still am totally surprised that they let you go home that soon after such a surgery – and I take it as a very good sign!

    1. Yes it’s a real conveyer belt system. “Quadruple bypass yesterday? Don’t let the door hit you on your way out”.

  3. Karen · · Reply

    I wish I had your company and support going through my operation and recovery, you are a breath of fresh air Jill. Keep it up!! Kagnog x

    1. Thanks Karen x

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