We’ve had the most amazing sunshine for the past four days. Somehow, mum only manages to see the best of English weather, every time she visits. So when I complain for the rest of the year about how awful it is, she doesn’t really believe me.

Today we had a picnic on Clapham Common, complete with miniature Jubilee cupcakes from M&S. When I saw them in the shop, I realised that no picnic would be complete without them.

We had to take a blanket to sit on, as our picnic blanket is a leftover from B’s single life, and is only big enough for one person. I’m well accustomed to single life myself – I don’t flinch at going to the cinema, galleries, museums or even eating out alone. But the thought of the Picnic Blanket for One makes me wither a little inside.

Here are my two favourite people at our local pub yesterday. The hat is making B look at bit menacing in this photo, as if he’s about to leap over the table and steal mum’s handbag.



  1. Sounds idyllic. I’m so buying those cupcakes! Top tip.

  2. You’re right about the hat making B looking menacing… But he has spent over a year south of the river so I suppose it was inevitable… He’ll be getting gang tattoos next.

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