When we saw The German last week, he gave us some Macmillan information booklets, including ‘Understanding brain tumours’.

I read this on the tube on the way home. It’s pretty much at ‘Brain tumours for dummies’ level, which I think we passed on day 2 after the seizure. But it did lead to someone giving up their seat for me, so it may serve a purpose.

This got me thinking about the ‘Baby on board’ badges that pregnant women wear on the tube. I can see that these are useful, as I no longer give up my seat to anyone who isn’t wearing one, even if she looks fit to burst. I’ve humiliated myself more than once by offering a seat to a tubby woman who is definitely not expecting a child (judging by her horrified reaction to the seat offering).

Surely other physical conditions could be served by something similar?

How about a ‘Brain tumour on board’ hat? Or a ‘Likely to have a seizure at any moment’ t-shirt? I’d get up for that, quick smart.



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  1. Love it lol x

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