If you’re under the impression that the atmosphere at our house is perpetually rosy and convivial, I can confirm that it’s not the case.

Yesterday I arrived home to find B in a sad mood. It’s very difficult this week, because the weather is pants, so he hasn’t been getting out as much as he probably should. It’s a long day for him with me at work and the rain beating down.

Things have also returned somewhat to normality for me, during the working day at least. So it was a bit of a shock to arrive home and have to immediately think about it all.

I know B will have his moments (and so will I) but we must strive to be positive. Admittedly, me saying ‘You’re not dead yet!’ doesn’t help much.

After this outburst I flounced off and went for a run on the treadmill, then apologised. I can be tactless and insensitive at times. It probably comes as a shock to you all, but it’s true.

So what can B do during the day, apart from quietly thanking his lucky stars that he has me?

Our monsoonal summer looks set to continue, unfortunately. I’ve found lots of ideas for how to entertain kids during a rainy day out in London, but fewer tips for adults with brain tumours.

B can’t really deal with crowds or loud noises at the moment, but he can travel – especially during the day when the tube is quiet. Options I’ve thought of include the British Library, cinema and museums – please leave a comment if you know of others.



  1. The Wellcome Collection is a possibility, but only after their Brains exhibition has finished!

  2. Hms Belfast was interesting when we went down last week and was quiet at 10am.

  3. Bernt needs a hobby – like most men he has not developed any extra curricular activities. I’ll have to think about it but I’m sure there will be something that is just waiting for him to show an interest in. He probably doesn’t draw or paint but with his brain in relax mode it would be fascinating to see if his sketching skills suddenly appear. There’s a good book called ‘drawing from the left side of your brain” (or similar) and talks about the process we use to draw etc. I’ll get the correct name of the book because it’s a good read if nothing else! xx

    1. Yes he’s not big on hobbies. I have no drawing talent whatsoever and I don’t think it’s his strong point either. Does the book literally mean the left side of the brain? He doesn’t have as much of that as he used to!

  4. When the weather improves, I recommend cricket. It’s not too exciting, can absorb lots of time and you can explain the rules to him.

    1. I’m touched that you think I know anything about cricket, Clive! I’m a terrible Australian. We are going to Lords to see Australia vs England in a few weeks though. Can’t wait.

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