The saga continues. Our appointment with The German today has been cancelled.

Apparently there is some disagreement amongst the neuro-pathologists about B’s tumour histology, and the data needs to be re-counted.

Pathologist 1: Check it out, 1p isn’t there

Pathologist 2: No, you idiot, it is there!

Pathologist 1: YOU’RE the idiot

We’ll get a call when The German does have the results, but I imagine there won’t be a full discussion now until next Thursday, the only day he consults.

I’m feeling very removed from the process and uncomfortable about having to place such trust in the system. It’s not that I’m afraid of mistakes being made, although it does happen.

It’s more that we have no physical evidence of what we are told. We’re both very practical, analytical people, so being so uninvolved feels strange. Not that it would help if I was right there, looking into the microscope.

Pathologist: See that pink squiggly thing?

Me: Nope



  1. That’s very frustrating especially after already waiting 2 weeks. Let’s hope the delay is good news in that they are seeing what the think is the chromosome deletion and want to be really sure before they tell you and act on it? Don’t see why they can’t get another consultant to tell you if they get the results before Thursday though. Grrrrrrr xxx

    1. We will find out before Thursday – the Oncologist will call today or tomorrow. Not sure if it’s the kind of conversation you want to have on the phone, but it’s better than waiting another week…

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