Today was a good day. We went to see a taxidermy art exhibition, which was odd and interesting.

Then, as we were in the area, we went to the Wellcome Collection exhibition – Brains: The mind as matter. I hasten to add that B wanted to see this, I did not force him.

It was very busy, as it’s the last weekend of this exhibition. I wanted B to flash his wound and have us taken straight in, but he wouldn’t be in it. This is a pity, as it’s the most legitimate reason for queue-jumping that I’ve ever had. Equally, he wouldn’t go for my idea of removing his hat, sitting on a chair and becoming an exhibit. I would have provided the handouts and commentary. Sadly it was not to be.

The exhibition was fascinating, especially given our newfound interest in this area. B even watched the video of the craniotomy, which has been in the press this week as causing people to faint. People who have NOT undergone this procedure a month ago. My boy is made of strong stuff.

There was no brain with an Oligodendroglioma, but I did see a Glioblastoma, so I was fairly happy. My brain exhibition requirements have become quite specific.


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