No, not the Madonna song. We now have B’s preliminary toxicology report from last week.

On the issue of chromosomal deletion, the tested area of tumour shows definite 19q deletion and borderline 1p deletion. More tumour is now being tested to achieve definitive results. It’s the co-deletion of both that is important for treatment and prognosis, not the deletion of one or the other.

So it’s not terrible, but it’s inconclusive. At least these chromosomes are not intact. A few months ago, who’d have thought that I’d be wishing and hoping for B to have deleted chromosomes?

Much of the report is incomprehensible to us. It all sounds horrific but most of it seems to be evidence to support the diagnosis of Anaplastic Oligodendroglima. There is ‘GFAP positivity in the mini-gemistocytes’, ‘mild nuclear pleomorphism’ and ‘evidence of perineuronal satellitosis’, so make of that what you will.


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