Recently I wrote about the inconclusive test result for the genetic marker that could indicate a better outcome for B. This was due to medicine being an inexact science. Which is no science at all, as far as I’m concerned. If I wanted inexact I’d turn to religion.

The repeated test, however, showed that he definitely does not have this marker. That is not great news but there is nothing we can do about it. It does mean that B’s treatment will be the more aggressive combination of radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

He’ll have an MRI on Monday to determine the extent and location of the remaining tumour, then 6 weeks of combined radio/chemotherapy soon after, then at least 6 months more of chemotherapy.

None of this is fantastic but as The German says, the tumour is making the decisions here, not us. We also spoke about the long term outcome, which hardly lifted  the mood of the consultation. We are talking years, but perhaps not many of them. At some point the goddamn thing will come back, so the treatment aims to delay that for as long as possible. At the end of the meeting I shook The German’s hand and said “thanks, I guess”.

Of course many people live beyond the initial expectation. There are no hard and fast rules so we just have to get on with it, employ the dreaded phrase ‘take each day as it comes’ and enjoy the time we have together.



  1. Geez, I’m sorry it’s not better news for you. I remember my grandad (who was a pathologist) said that tumours don’t always fit neatly into category boxes, and they have to go with the features (or lack thereof) that they see and treat accordingly. B is still an individual, and while the statistics are sobering, they are descriptive of the past and not rules. Thinking of you guys, so much for you to digest. Yet more hoops to jump through. xx

  2. Oh bugger, not the news you wanted. At least there is a treatment I guess although I imagine B is in for a rough time while he’s in the firing line. So now you plan the next x years together. You couldn’t do much worse than what you’ve done and how you’ve experienced your time together so far. I’m very sorry it’s not much much longer for you both xxx

  3. Everyone reacts differently where cancer and tumours are concerned and what was thought to be impossible to treat 5 years ago is now being treated with success. Hang in there, I’m sure the years will be extended as more research and experimentation is done. I’ll send you some energy healing recordings – no religion needed and the testimonials are phenomenal. xx

  4. At least you have a course of action now and have passed by the ‘waiting for results’ phase. Let’s hope they keep on top of it.

  5. I can’t emphasise enough how much I agree with Wendy, treatment has improved during the time we’ve been on this journey, so keep the faith

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