I’ve started going to Yoga. It is the hippiest I’m prepared to get at the moment, so I’m hoping it will help with stress relief, relaxation and sleep.

I don’t feel nourished by the earth yet, but I’ve only been twice.

The instructor is not TOO new age, a bit but not unbearably so. Her Yoga name is Mahala but I’m sure her real name is something like Margaret.

I haven’t done any Yoga in years, and it’s a lot more difficult and less relaxing than I remember. After the first class I was in pain for days. Mahala can call it ‘moving meditation’ all she likes, but one of those moves is something I would call a push-up.

We’re supposed to turn off our inner dialogue during the class, but I find that mine yammers on regardless. When Mahala says ‘peel down to the floor, vertebrae by vertebrae’ I think ‘wrong – that’s a plural’. When she says ‘your body has an ancient wisdom’ it responds by agreeing with the ancient bit.

When she says ‘and now, lower your knees to the floor on either side of your head’ good manners prevent me from relaying my inner core’s reaction.

Note: I have not seen anyone in my class attempt the headstand.



  1. Good for you! I hope this journey of yoga proves to be a good one for you. I know I love it and over the years a lot of my life coaching clients have sworn by it, so I truly hope that it brings you good things, stress management and relaxation more than anything. Love your blog, by the way.

    1. Thanks! I think I expect to be good at it straight away – I’m quite impatient. Which is part of what I’m trying to address with the Yoga đŸ˜‰

  2. Well, nothing wrong with inner dialogue. I think, if you can’t laugh about it, it’s not likely to be healthy. And if you cannot swear about it – how to cleanse your mind? ;0)
    I remember my teacher at acting school saying during challenging exercises: “If you go through the strain now, you’ll get a reward later.” I think, she was right.

  3. Yes vertebrae – is definitely plural : )

    1. She should say ‘vertebra by vertebra’ – annoys me every time.

  4. I like the quote that your body has an ancient wisdom to it, that is very true.

    I have a yoga blog capturing my yoga travels.

    1. I’m impressed by your poses, I bet you have mastered the headstand.

  5. megan crawford · · Reply

    I was thinking you should get another cat (just the one this time). You guys sound like you’re going to be around home a lot more now and something cute and fuzzy to sit on your lap might help take your mind off things…pets are great for stress relief it’s a proven fact.

    1. I wouldn’t mind a cat but I remember the bad things too – guilt and cattery fees when on holiday etc. B isn’t exactly animal friendly (or unfriendly – he says he is animal neutral). We’d have to re-furnish too, we have a lovely fabric sofa that would soon be ruined and I don’t even want to think about cat vomit in our deep pile rug!

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