Here’s a photo of our drugs drawer. Three months ago we didn’t have a drugs drawer – we had a little plastic container to hold aspirin and plasters. Now we could fuel a small care home. It’s not all B’s – bottom right is ‘my corner’.

B is now three days into the radiotherapy and chemotherapy. In the morning he takes anti-seizure meds, anti-nausea meds and chemotherapy. Then he goes to the hospital for radiotherapy. With lunch, it’s more anti-nausea meds. At dinner it’s more anti-seizure meds and anti-nausea meds. Then a sedative before bed if he needs one. He has a cream to put on his head for the effects of the radiotherapy (like sunburn) and a massive box of sachets for constipation – so I imagine he should be expecting to get that at some point (sorry B if you’re reading this – TMI for the blog perhaps).

Despite all the anti-nausea medication, B was very sick from the chemotherapy last night. I think he has been started on weak drugs to see how he goes. He’ll get some stronger stuff today hopefully.

Wedding excitement is helping to take our minds off things a bit. There is a bit of planning to do, which adds to my already considerable paperwork responsibilities, but I don’t mind.

The anti-anxiety medication has stopped my heart hammering at night and I’m sleeping around 4 hours on average, without sedatives. Now I get up if I can’t sleep after a while. I watch telly for an hour or so and then can usually sleep once I’m back in bed. I also get to see quality 2am TV such as ‘Obese and expecting’. Win win.


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