The first week of radiotherapy & chemotherapy is almost over – 5 to go. I admit it’s been harder than I thought. I had a naive expectation that things would trundle on as normal during the treatment.

B’s sickness has really decreased since he got decent anti-nausea drugs, but he feels a bit weird (as you would if you injested that amount of powerful drugs) and tired. The other day he was in bed asleep when I got home from work.

My mood, however, has been much bolstered by the news that my sister Amanda and nephew Finley will be coming over from Australia for the wedding. They will be here for almost 2 weeks! Here they are:

And here is B with Finley, during our visit to Australia earlier this year. Can you tell how comfortable he is around babies?


Plans for the wedding are going full steam ahead. We’re exchanging vows on Sept 15th on The London Eye, then dinner in a private room at Hibiscus. The guest list is small but prestigious. Can’t wait!



  1. That is fantastic news about your sister and nephew coming over!! B will soon pick up and I can vouch for the sleeping lots!!! Take care x

  2. Karen R · · Reply

    I’m glad they’ve got the anti-nausea drugs right, that makes a big difference. And how wonderful that Amanda will be there! Sounds like a prestigious celebration indeed! xx

  3. Wendy Crawford · · Reply

    wow, fancy getting married up the top of the London Eye, you can’t get much better than that!

  4. Lyndsey · · Reply

    RT makes you soooooo sleeeepy, make room for sleeping before during and after your wedding ❤

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