Hats part 3

Today we went wedding hat shopping for B. He’s been taking his hat off more and more in shops and restaurants, as he now has a scar rather than a wound. Because of skin sensitivity caused by the radiotherapy, though, he can no longer expose his head to the sun at all. A hat is therefore required for the big day.

Off we went to renowned London milliner Bates. It was a bit like stepping back in time, except for the prices. It’s in Jermyn Street which for hundreds of years has been exclusively aimed at the gentlemen’s clothing market. Next door to Bates is a shop selling old-fashioned shaving brushes, razors and strops. Does anybody use those anymore? There is also a shop that makes custom slippers.

A very helpful gentleman introduced us to the charms, rules and unspoken regulations of formal headwear. For example, the hat should always be darker than the suit. The front brim should be tipped low for a smarter look. We also learned that Americans, apparently, have long narrow heads.

Unfortunately B didn’t get a fedora, as they are too big for his skinny frame. He did get a very nice dark grey racing trilby that will definitely look the business with his charcoal suit.

After the wedding dinner in Mayfair we will most likely hit nearby Mahiki, to throw some shapes with club regular Prince Harry. B will be practicing his Michael Jackson-style hat moves for the dance floor – rolling it down his arm, back up onto his head, etc.

Note: In reality we will be at home in bed by midnight.




  1. Oh I do hope you’re going to post lots of photos,I’m getting excited and and I don’t really know you!.
    Might be worth a mention, Jay finds a ‘Barbershop shave’ the best thing since sliced bread for his skin since radiotherapy.

    1. I definitely will, must get plenty of photos of B in the hat!

  2. Yes plenty of photos please x I am visiting London again on the 30th Aug but this time with Beck!!! Had a peep at the restaurant you are going to menu is out of this world!! Enjoy xxxx

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