Something strange is happening at our Haus, or more specifically, to me. B is less affected.

Until this week, I was almost completely disinterested in the London Olympics. In fact I actively dreaded it, due to the transport nightmare that will undoubtedly affect my everyday life during the next 2 weeks.

And yet, with the city in the grip of Olympics fever, I have finally succumbed. Yesterday I went to St Paul’s to see the torch relay. I cheered as it went past. That’s right. I cheered.

Today I have bought tickets! On Sunday, B and I will do what we have sworn not to do, and travel to the Olympic Park.

We will see 2 water polo matches, one featuring Team GB. I’ve always admired the athleticism of the sport, but I’ve never watched a match. Time to read up on the rules.

Tonight we will embrace the Olympic spirit by getting a takeaway curry and settling in to watch the Opening Ceremony. For hours.

I say that B is less affected, but he did watch the torch pass through Lambeth yesterday. He described it as a ‘nutter invasion’. I think he’s just forgotten what the general public are like. There will be plenty of this on display on Sunday:



  1. Tatielane · · Reply

    So are you shouting for Team GB (why isn’t it Team UK)?
    Or Teams Aussie and Germany?!

    1. We’ll be seeing GB vs Romania and USA vs Montenegro, so loyalties lie with GB! Although I have read that they’re rubbish, and this is their first men’s water polo team in the Olympics since 1956.

  2. “Nutter invasion” – love it! Completely agree.

    Good luck for Sunday.

  3. This is hilarious as you have been so scathing and cynical about the whole thing. I am glad you are going to see an event. Take advantage of it I say.

    1. The fever gets all of us in the end.

  4. 🙂

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