It was a pretty good weekend at our Haus. We watched a LOT of Olympics action. With the woeful performance of the Australian athletes (the next person to say to me ‘I thought Australia was a sporting nation’ get a punch) and the thrilling success of Team GB, I’m considering applying for my British citizenship.

B is feeling pretty good physically and has not had any further nausea. In spirit, I’d say he is positive around 95% of the time. Sometimes he gets down, and says there is no point to anything, as he’ll be dead in 3 years. I find this hard to hear. I tell him that he doesn’t know that for certain, and there is still meaning and purpose in his life. And mine – we’re in this together, after all. These moods don’t tend to last for long. I really can’t blame him for feeling this way at times. We have some counselling sessions coming up at The London Clinic, so perhaps that will help.

I wasn’t a complete couch potato over the weekend and did manage 2 x 5km sessions on the treadmill. Here’s my parents reaction to the news that I am doing this run:

Dad: You’re like me, Jilly. We don’t run!

Mum: Are you sure about this? I just don’t want you to be limping on your wedding day.

With that kind of unwavering family support behind me, I now know how the Olympians feel.

Thanks to everyone who has donated so far.


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