Time for a good old-fashioned rant.

B’s solicitor has finally lodged the forms for my Lasting Power of Attorney. This has two elements – I can control B’s financial affairs (B: ‘Please don’t sell the flat’) and I would be in a position to allow or deny him lifesaving medical treatment, in accordance with what I believe would be his wishes. In conjunction with medical staff, of course.

All very serious, and necessary, stuff. My rant concerns the amount of time and money required to organise this. I think it’s safe to assume that people who want to arrange these legalities have some pressing reason for it, such as ourselves. I don’t imagine that many healthy people, over the Sunday papers, suddenly say to their partner ‘You know what? I could lapse into a coma. I should sort out Power of Attorney’.

People who have a terminal illness, or are going into life-threatening surgery, are most likely the ones who are considering these matters. So the fact that it takes months to register the documents with the Office of the Public Guardian is slightly inconvenient. It also costs £260, plus solicitor’s fees to prepare the forms (in our case, another £300).

This really angers me. It’s another example of the government’s unfeeling ability to sting the public – and the more disadvantaged, ill or disabled, the easier the pickings.

I’ll save my tirade about Inheritance Tax for another time (bet you can’t wait).


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  1. Wendy Crawford · · Reply

    You’re so right Jill – then there’s the people who don’t realise they need a Medical Power of Attorney until it’s too late and they are powerless at a time when they least want to be. It doesn’t seem to matter which country or what Government is in power it’s always the most disadvantaged who are treated the most poorly – easy pickings – very true.

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