Three types of fatigue are currently affecting life at our house.

Radiation fatigue:  As we approach the end of week 4 of B’s treatment, he is definitely becoming more tired. He’s started to have an afternoon nap, and in the evening he’s flagging before the start of Newsnight.

Olympics fatigue:  Around a week into the games, strange sports suddenly seem entirely normal, and I find myself watching hours of rhythmic gymnastics, weightlifting and synchronised swimming. Then, during the dressage, I wish I could make a horse skip. Luckily I return to my senses at around day 10 and limply wait for it all to be over (for B this happened much earlier).

I’m proud to say that I never completely lose it and develop an interest in track cycling, rowing or open water swimming. That would be madness.

Running fatigue:  I’m managing to run 2 or 3 miles on the treadmill most mornings, and a bit longer on the weekends. This is fairly tiring but on the plus side it is helping me sleep soundly.

I still don’t have a runner’s physique, but I doubt that will ever happen. My best physical feature is my shins, they are killer. Unfortunately they are not really an admired body part. I’ve never heard anyone say ‘phwoar, check out the shins on her!’ Heat magazine has Torso of the week, not Shins of the week. The anterior tibialis needs a raised profile, in my opinion.


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