Tumour wars

Now that the first stage of B’s treatment has finished, he really needs a hobby to keep himself occupied. He’s signed up to Apple’s iOS developer program, to learn how to write iPad/iPhone apps.

I’m going to try to sell him on my idea of a cancer-related game.

First you choose your type of cancer and a corresponding avatar.

The aim is to prolong life for as long as possible by attacking the cancer with all available forms of treatment – surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy etc. If you’re not quick enough with the treatment or the combination/order is wrong, progression and the development of secondary cancer shortens your life. There will be built-in ‘setbacks’ – hospital superbugs, depression, misguided belief in homeopathic remedies etc.

As the cancer progresses you move into the Palliative Care level. Treatment becomes less and less effective and then… The End.

It probably won’t be aimed at children.

For a name, I’m torn between Tumour Wars and Cancer Combat.

I think B has more serious and useful applications in mind but you never know, we could have the next Angry Birds on our hands. Further down the line I’m thinking merchandise, spin-off games and a theme park.



  1. Rather sounds like it should be named “Tumourgotchi”?

    1. I think long, violent names are the thing right now so perhaps both ie. Cancer Combat: Tumour Wars. Leaves the way open for other games in the series eg. Cancer Combat: Metastasis.

  2. This so made me chuckle and I so needed that today xxx thank you

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