We don’t need no radiation

Hey, medics! Leave that boy alone!

B has finished radiotherapy – hurrah! He’s been counting down the days, as he’s over being irradiated and he’s tired of his head hurting. He’s coped very well with both the radiotherapy and chemotherapy. His weekly blood tests have all been normal and he’s only had minor fatigue so far. Apparently his tiredness will be at its worst in a few weeks time.

This week we attended our first counselling session at The London Clinic. I thought it went well. It gives me an opportunity to blather on at a complete stranger in person. It should be a good addition to my online outlet. I was apprehensive that B wouldn’t talk, as he’s a man and therefore not highly communicative about his thoughts and feelings – but he did.

We’re trying to focus on practicalities for the near future, which I think is good. There’s no point speculating about the scary distant future. Something we’re addressing is how to get some routine into B’s life now that the first stage of treatment is finished. As unappealing as it was, the radiotherapy did provide structure with the daily hospital visits.

Speaking of blathering on, I was invited to write a guest blog post for the Macmillan cancer site this week. I didn’t choose the image but apparently my life is well represented by a folding chair at the end of a jetty.


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