Blue badge

My dreams of parking paradise have been dealt a fatal blow by B’s uncompromising honesty.

He isn’t automatically entitled to a disabled parking badge just because he has cancer. He has to show that the disease and/or treatment has caused mobility problems due to symptoms, fatigue, etc.

Here we are the other night, filling in the form.

Me: ‘What is the maximum distance you are usually able to walk?’

B: 5 miles.

Me: They aren’t going to give us a badge if we say you can walk for 5 miles!

B: Then we won’t apply for one.

Me: We could make a small change.

B: What, exactly?

Me: Instead of ‘miles’ we could write ‘metres’. It’s just a few letters.

B: No. That’s not true.

Me (sighing, crumpling up application): Fine!

I think B has forgotten the frank and earthy exchange of words we had in Wales recently, as I was trying to reverse park in front of our B&B on Pembroke high street. There will be plenty more of THAT without a blue badge.

I shouldn’t be bitter. There are many people out there more deserving of a blue badge than we are, and if we do really need one at some point in the future, we will get one.

I shouldn’t be bitter. But I am.


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  1. Kick him in the shins & ask again!

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