Shameless plea

The 5km run I’m doing for the Brainstrust charity is only 4 days away.

I can now run, slowly, for 5km. I can even do it without succumbing to heat exhaustion or dehydration. The biggest problem I have is trying to use the remote control to operate Netflix, without slowing the treadmill to a walk.

I’ve even done some running outside. It’s just as boring and difficult as I suspected. I’m even slower than on the treadmill, the ground is hard and bumpy and doesn’t move of its own accord, there are people and dogs around… just awful.

I’m not far away from my fundraising target. Here is my JustGiving site for any last minute donations.

I’m speaking specifically to you, B’s trader friends. I know you read this blog. Greed is good, I won’t argue with that. But surely a tiny portion of your 6 figure salary can be diverted away from saucepan-sized wristwatches, ferraris and lapdances? You could make up for it with an extra case of Cristal next month.

All financially solvent blood relatives who have not contributed… please do, otherwise you may find yourself relegated to my Christmas card B-list. These cards come from Tesco. The A-list cards are from Selfridges. They are sturdy with an impressive frontage, and there is no holding back on the glitter.

I’ve never done a charity run before, for the obvious reasons of apathy and bone idleness, but I also thought I would feel uncomfortable asking for funds. I seem to have gotten right into it though. It’s only because I am so directly affected by brain cancer. It wouldn’t be the same if I’d chosen a charity like The Donkey Sanctuary at random.

Do it for B. Do it for brain cancer victims. You know you want to.



  1. Well put Jill x Good luck for Saturday xxx

  2. Tatielane · · Reply

    How did it go? Bet you found it easy peasy.

    1. It’s tomorrow – I think I might struggle as it’s going to be so hot. But I will finish somehow!

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