Chariots of fire

I finished Saturday’s 5k run in 34 minutes. Not brilliant, but I did manage to complete it without any walking, which was my aim.

It was 26 degrees on the day, which is way too hot for running. I thought I was going to combust at the end of it. At the starting line I heard someone say ‘this is quite a hard 5k because of all the hills’. That buoyed my spirits no end.

B took a few photos of me on my way round the course, of which this is the least unflattering:

As I’m facing away from the camera you are spared the alarming view of my beetroot complexion. I also look in decent shape compared to the woman in the green top that I’m about to overtake.

I wouldn’t say I’ve caught ‘the running bug’ exactly, but I would like to compete again next year and improve my time. Thanks to everyone who sponsored me as it definitely made it worthwhile.

Our Haus has been a fun and chaotic place for the past few days, with my sister Amanda and 11-month-old nephew Finley now in residence. Here is Finley with Auntie Jilly.

As always, I’m astonished by the amount of mess and noise that one small being can create. I’d also forgotten how much babies sleep! It seems that he’s only just gotten up and he’s tired again. This is a blessing of course, as it gives Amanda a bit of a break. Overall he is a very happy, calm and well behaved toddler.

Yesterday was the pre-wedding ‘girls day out’ which fortunately did not involve Blackpool, matching pink outfits or a stripper. It was quite a dignified affair – Amanda and I had a thai massage (from which I am suffering today, as I should be) and a delicious tapas lunch at Opera Tavern.

Wedding plans are all finalised for Saturday, and B’s parents and brother arrive in London today. Not much left to do except turn up and get hitched. The weather even looks promising, fingers crossed!


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  1. Well done Jill on the run and the amount you have raised and best wishes to you both for Saturday x

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