Time flies, we’ve been married for a week already! The wedding day was perfect from start to finish – sunny weather, amazing venue, delicious dinner. I think all the guests had a good time. We had a great group of people which made the day a lot of fun.

We had a lot of German speaking guests but also quite a few without Deutsch, so I didn’t have to shout ‘no German!’ at anyone.

There followed a hectic but fun week with my family and B’s family in London. Now everyone has gone home and it’s back to being quiet at our Haus, eerily so at first, without Finley making a ruckus. He is a very well-behaved and happy baby but occasionally becomes ‘squeaky’ (as B describes it).

I’ll post a few of the professional photos when I get them, but here are some candid shots taken on the day.

The ceremony on The Eye:

The serious bit – signing the register:

It hasn’t happened until it’s published on social media:

Fooling around with B’s hat at Hibiscus:



  1. You look stunning Jill, gorgeous dress and B looks very handsome x Congratulations to you both x

  2. Yes, it ws just beautiful –
    thank you for the pictures!
    The second ‘serious bit’ photo still has the air of some sinister characters in a movie –
    at least in an “Austin Powers” film. 😉

    Many greetings form Berlin!

  3. Especially, with that evil MIB weapon at B’s feet…

  4. Kathleen Ferry · · Reply

    So pleased the day went so well, you chose a beautiful day.
    Many congratulations to you both
    Kathy xxx

  5. congratulations! you radiate happiness!

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