I consider B and I to be nerds, in a good way. After all, nerdy is the new cool. We both know our way around a computer and are not too shabby at maths. Although, having a PhD in Physics, B way surpasses me in the geekiness stakes.

We watch University Challenge and Only Connect, although we don’t know many of the answers. Answering 1 question correctly on the former is the signal to pump a fist in the air and announce ‘my work is done!’

We also love a new gadget. I have a terrible feeling that B will get an iPhone 5 soon, and I can’t upgrade until mid-2013. I know, the agony I suffer.

B’s brother gave us a digital photo frame as a wedding gift. I’ve always wanted one of these but could never quite justify the cost. We set it up immediately to connect to our wireless network and display a selection of our most recent photos from Facebook. Brilliant.

It rotates photos from albums as well as mobile uploads and wall photos, so every now and then we see something random like a cartoon that I’ve posted, or a picture of our new washing machine, which is nice.

Yesterday when I arrived home I was both impressed and amused to find that B had read the user manual and set the frame to come on automatically at 8am and turn off at 10pm. He’s also configured it to switch off for an hour at 12.30pm. I presume he’s too busy making and eating his sandwich at this time to watch the parade of our recent memories.

I just called home to see how B’s day is going and both he and the frame were having their lunch break.



  1. That’s fantastic. I must confess my parents were very pleased with themselves when they bought me a digital photo frame, knowing how I love my gadgets, but after one use I put it back in the box. Didn’t see the point. Maybe yours is smarter than mine.

    1. I do like the way it connects to Fb, saving mucking about with a USB stick. It also displays the weather forecast! But not current temperature and humidity, which would make my dad happy.

    (laughing out loud.)

  3. You make me smile and laugh so much Jill with your sense of humour! Thank you it brightens up my day, as I am stuck in the house on my own just like B!

  4. Didn’t realise you so liked your gadgets. Would have looked for an internet-enabled puffin! It could adjust its squawk depending on the weather, or the availability of fish off the Gower Peninsular!

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