Part of our nightly routine is to watch the BBC 10 o’clock News before we go to bed. Lately I’ve been wondering if something else might be better. ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ and ‘Paddy & Sally’s excellent gypsy adventure’ are other viable 10pm options.

I like to know what’s going on in the world, and it can help to put our own problems in perspective. I appreciate that sometimes it can be depressing, but last night took the biscuit. The top stories were:

All of these stories are horrific in their own right, but lined up back-to-back it’s all a bit much.

I know that I’m supposed to be suitably desensitised to be able to finish my cup of tea and get a good night’s slumber after taking in all of the above, and nobody could accuse me of being overemotional, but even I sometimes struggle.

I have a particularly hard time with parents who kill their children. Take yourself out, by all means, but the kids? Quite a few of these incidents have occurred in the UK recently after the parents have separated. Is it a case of ‘if I can’t see them, you sure as hell won’t be seeing them either’ or ‘it’s a horrible world and the kids are best off out of it’? I really don’t know, but I wish it would stop.

I included Ed’s speech in the above list as it’s yet another example of completely bollocks political rhetoric. Apparently he can unite the country in these difficult times, and we need to ‘come together, join together and work together’. How, exactly? He’s a bit short on detail. From the other news items above it seems that many of us are too busy killing and abusing each other to focus on this charming vision of national unity.

The rest are trying to get on with their lives in  a country with high unemployment, high inflation, a rising cost of living, rising personal debt and low public spending.

I might just tune into the Kardashians tonight.



  1. escapingdarkness · · Reply

    One of the reasons I don’t watch the news much anymore. Kat

  2. Kathleen Ferry · · Reply

    Found myself watching Cuckoo on BBC 3, the news is far too depressing to go to sleep on and nothing much has changed by the morning!

  3. Wendy Crawford · · Reply

    I stopped watching the news a few years ago for the same reasons. I now choose what to read/watch on the on-line news – definitely a better way to go.

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