It’s Day 3 of B’s first Temozolomide cycle in this set. He was a bit sick yesterday but it appears to have settled down now.

He seems more concerned by the cold I have managed to infect him with. For the second time I have given him an illness at a critical point in his treatment. He has politely asked that I refrain from doing this for the rest of the cycles.

Last night as we were getting into bed he was doing a lot of sniffling. I suggested he try a nasal spray. I grant you that these aren’t pleasant to use, but I’ve seen him endure a botched butterfly cannula with less fuss.

He’s been quite concerned about my cold too, which is sweet. My version (before it crossed the XY chromosome barrier and transformed into man flu) is just a sore throat and a tickly cough.

B: I’m worried about you.
Me: I’ve only got a cold. You’ve got brain cancer and are having chemotherapy.
B: I’m fine.

Clearly he isn’t fine, but he is lovely.

This week I’ve gone easy on the list of tasks for him to do during the day. I did mention this morning that the drain in my bath is a bit blocked, and asked him if he could clear it if he has time.

Me: You know you’re good at that.
B: You’re good at blocking it.




  1. I know exactly how you feel about passing on colds! I’ve had man flu for the last few days and just passed it on to my boyfriend who is due to start his radiotherapy on monday! Yikes.

    He swears by lemsip though!

    1. Like me, I bet you feel guilty even though logically you know it’s not your fault at all! I hope your boyfriend copes ok with the radiotherapy.

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