Acute oncology

Yesterday my friend Karen, who has a brain tumour herself, read my latest post and suggested that B see his GP, as he may need antibiotics. He didn’t seem to be getting any better, so along he went.

The doctor found that he had an elevated heart rate and fever, and sent him to the Acute Oncology ward at Guy’s hospital for a blood test and chest x-ray. His blood was ok and white cell count not too low, but he has a chest infection so he was admitted for treatment.

He should have gone to hospital 3 days ago, at around the time I was asking him to clear the bathroom drain. I realise I’m not coming across as a strong contender for Wife of the Year at this point. I thought it was just a cold, and you don’t go to the doctor with that. I think we need to start taking this whole chemotherapy thing a bit more seriously.

To be fair, B’s consultant didn’t mention what to do if he got a cold. So I’m trying not to be too hard on myself.

B isn’t seriously ill but his infection can’t be allowed to develop into something critical like pneumonia. His susceptibility to infection is high because of the chemo.

It was a lonely night at home without B. I spoke to him this morning and his temperature is back up again, he’s still being treated with fluids and antibiotics so I doubt he is coming home today. I’ll go to the hospital to see him this afternoon.

To prove my point that it’s everywhere I was reading my book on the tube on the way home from the hospital last night. One of the characters suddenly discovered he has a brain tumour. FFS! I couldn’t even slam the book shut in disgust, as I have a Kindle. I had to be content with indignantly sliding the on/off button to off.



  1. Glad he getting sorted, he will feel a whole lot better for it. Hope you got a good nights sleep x Take care

  2. Ps. So excited to be named in your blog!!! It’s amazing what puts a smile on my face these days lol x

    1. Haha 🙂 You’ve given us so much good advice about things, you deserve to be named! x

  3. Sorry to hear about B Jill. There’s so many things they don’t tell you, Jay had a really bad case of oral thrush when he was undergoing chemo. Quite a common reaction, but something else no one thought to mention. Hope Bs home soon..

  4. I’m sure he’ll be home soon and making a nuisance of himself! Snoring, etc.!

  5. I hope he gets better soon and comes home. Kat

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