Fear parrot

B came home from hospital last night. He’s quite a bit better, it’s amazing what a day of intravenous antibiotics can do for you. I felt quite envious sitting at his bedside, I wouldn’t have minded a shot of that myself. He no longer has a fever and he’s coughing less, but he has antibiotics to take for a further 7 days.

He’s still quite tired and weak and will need plenty of rest over the coming days.

This morning I had a counselling session on my own at The London Clinic. It was very good, the counsellor is a former oncology nurse and is really lovely.

I thought it would be useful to talk one-to-one with someone about the specific things that I worry about that I can’t (or won’t) burden B with.

I now have a ‘fear parrot’ on one shoulder and a ‘fact parrot’ on the other. I picture myself a bit like Frida Kahlo.

When the fear parrot speaks up I am supposed to brush it off, and listen instead to the fact parrot. The counsellor said it can be useful to make the physical motion to shoo away the invisible bird. What the hell, it will only make me fit in better with the crazies on the tube.



  1. Sounds rather like the ‘poison parrot’, you might like to look here.


    1. Thanks – yes it’s similar to that. I’m also trying to stop ‘struggling uphill in top gear’!

  2. or paddle furiously under the surface, like a swan swimming along effortlessly!

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