More life, less work

Amidst all the drama lately with B’s chemotherapy, chest infection and hospitalisation, we have had some good news.

B’s permanent health insurance claim has been approved, which means he will continue to be paid most of his salary while he cannot work.

This is great news for us and it allows me to put my Grand Plan into effect. Something I have been scheming and dreaming of for years, but had no idea how to achieve.

Like writing this blog, it’s something I always wanted to do but never imagined that it would be my husband’s cancer that brought it about.

Work less.

I always thought I’d have to have a baby to go part time, and frankly that was too high a price to pay. So is B’s brain tumour but I’ve had no say in that. I’ve worked full time since I was 21 and I need a break. I enjoy my job but lately it’s been difficult to balance with everything happening at home.

B also wants me to be around more. Given that his lifespan is likely to be much shorter than we thought 6 months ago, it will be great to spend more time together. We both feel that’s important now, while he’s relatively fit and well.

If he’s ill during the next 5 months of chemo it will be good to be at home for him too. Perhaps I’ll supply him with a little bell that he can ring from the bedroom if he needs me. Although I might not hear it over Escape to the Country.

From October 29th I’ll change to a 3 day week for 6 months and then re-assess it. I’m very lucky that I have understanding employers who sympathise with my situation and fully support my need for this change.

On my free weekdays, I’ll probably roll out of bed at around 9 in time for a bit of jeering at Jeremy Kyle, followed by Cash in the Attic. Kebab & chips for lunch, then an afternoon of Passport Patrol and Nothing to Declare. I’ll need a nap by then, after which I’ll round off the day with a pizza and my usual evening TV shows, but with extra wine due to the lack of necessity to get up early. I’ll collapse into bed in an alcoholic haze at around midnight.

Bring it on.



  1. I am so pleased for you both, it will make life so much easier and less stressful x

  2. What great news, time to draw breathe and do what you want when you want for a while.
    Will you alternate the days or have a long Friday to Monday?


    1. Yes I’m going to work Tuesday-Thursday and have a 4 day weekend. I really can’t wait.

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