Short people

…got no reason to live, sang Randy Newman in 1977. I think that’s a tad harsh, but at 5ft 1.5 (that half inch is important) I’m familiar with the difficulties of being vertically challenged.

I overcame some of these obstacles recently by purchasing a mobile step stool, the kind they have in libraries. It has retractable casters that provide smooth movement along the floor and a stable surface when stepped on.

I love this thing. I keep it next to my built-in wardrobe. The hanging space is very tall, a fact I previously dealt with by:

a) Jumping up and down, grabbing at what I wanted to wear (not good for one’s Banana Republic knits)

b) Dragging in a dining room chair

c) Waiting until B was in the vicinity to get something down for me

These are no longer necessary as my friendly little dalek is always close by, ready to help out. Now I want another one for the kitchen.


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  1. Tatielane · · Reply

    Alan as similarly lacking in loftiness. We have two library cast-off daleks, one in the kitchen and one in the bedroom. They are ace. The kitchen one gets used in the garden too when I can’t be bothered with ladders.

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