Tea lady

I work in Finance, in IT. There are certain women on my floor (very young women) who have a habit of bringing tea to the men in my team, unasked. There are a few women in my team, but we do not get tea.

This has irked me for some time. We have graduates and interns who are replaced annually but every year, some of them do this. The FEMALES do this. The male graduates and interns do not. They get their tea brought to them.

What do these women hope to gain by this? Do they realise that their ingratiating subservient attitude is doing a disservice to women the world over? (I do not think I exaggerate here)

I’ve been biding my time, but this afternoon I had my moment. One of these young ladies brought a tray of tea to my team, but some of her usual recipients are on leave today.

I piped up: “I’ll have one of your spares, or do I need a penis?”

This greatly amused the rest of the team. She had it coming, no? I did get a tea out of it but I doubt I’ll be added to her regular rotation.



  1. Funny as Jill, would off loved to have seen her face lol x You crack me up!

  2. Tatielane · · Reply

    Oo well done for piping up. Important point, humorously made. If everyone laughed then maybe they got the point too!

    1. The men in my team are mostly just concerned that I might have scuppered their tea service.

  3. We are very egalitarian – we all go and make tea together! It’s a bit of Gallic fraternity, equality and the other one! No anatomical specifics required.

    1. Yep. If you have a penis your wish is their command.

  4. It’s time we hire an intern. Do they do double espresso as well?

  5. Loved this post. I winced when I read your comment, I can just imagine the cutting way you delivered it! lol xx

  6. Tatielane · · Reply

    Just spotted this in the Evening Standard: it got one of the bosses making tea…
    Could an app revolutionise the tea round?

    1. It’s a good idea but it would take more than an app to get the bosses making tea in my office!

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