Cold fish

With the cold weather setting in, changes are afoot at our Haus. Specifically, wardrobe changes.

B has always been a bit of a cold fish. He’s quite thin and feels the cold easily. Since he’s lost a bit of weight recently he’s even chillier. Even with the heating on and thermostat set to 21 degrees, he sits shivering on the sofa in the evenings.

It doesn’t help that he gets around the house in jeans, a t-shirt, jumper and a pair of socks. A bit of wifely nagging did nothing to change this. ‘Needs must when the devil drives’ so there was nothing for it but to drag him to John Lewis for a spot of shopping.

B is now equipped with fleecy track pants, fleecy jumpers and sheepskin slippers. He shivers no more. For the outdoors he has a furry trapper hat. He even let me take a photo of him wearing it:

Whilst meandering around the menswear floor we came across this – the onesie for men:

I can see that this is warm and comfortable but I’m not sure I could respect a man who wears one. Not without built-in booties.



  1. Get Selk Bags!

    1. I had to look that up – wrong, very wrong. We could always get a Siamese Slanket?

  2. Well done for avoiding the onesie – definitely no respect if you wear one of those!

  3. Brilliant picture of B!

  4. I recommended this coat to B:
    I don’t think he fully appreciated the rather stylish looks.

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