Mulberry Place

This is my second week of part-time working. I can report that it agrees with me a great deal. It’s like having Easter every week! Good Friday, and Very Good Monday. The only problem (if you can call it a problem) is that my routine is all over the shop. I’ve been sleeping in and having a nap in the afternoon, which messes up my nights.

Part of the predicament is that I’m now reading Will Self’s Umbrella. I sit down fully intending to get through a few chapters, but it’s tough going and seems to require a nap every ten pages.

B and I have been enjoying spending more time together but lately he has been feeling a bit down. Not for any specific reason, just a general ‘I have brain cancer’ lowness. Part of it is the usual problem – his days lack structure and activity.

With this in mind, yesterday we walked across the common to an appointment I had arranged at Trinity Hospice.

I know what you’re thinking. Perfect! What could be more uplifting for a depressed cancer patient than a day trip to an end-of-life care facility? Before I plunge even further in your esteem, far away from that much-coveted ‘wife of the year’ trophy, let me explain.

Trinity Hospice does have inpatient wards for those perilously close to meeting their maker but it also has an outpatient centre called Mulberry Place. This allows people diagnosed with serious illnesses to take advantage of free services such as counselling, physiotherapy and complementary therapies. It’s a light, bright place with an award-winning garden. Not deathy at all.

The staff organise a 12-week plan which aims to address any problems the patient is experiencing. They’re about to start a workshop in fatigue management which could be very useful for B. He has also signed up for counselling and is having a massage tomorrow.

So you see, that trophy may still be within reach after all.



  1. Good Woman.

    Happy Easter. You deserve it!

  2. Love it. You write so well, Jilly. xx

  3. I don’t think what happens in the brain tumor patients mind during all this is documented enough. They actually go through depression and anxiety, I believe the diagnosis triggers this, but I really believe the tumor does something to the brain also that brings about the depression and anxiety. I feel sorry particularly for men as we girls generally find it a lot easier to tell people we are feeling down, but guys feel like they have to act tough and it’s not fair on them. I highly recommend speaking to someone, I did this for my husband and it really made him feel like he was doing something about the way he was feeling rather than just feeling miserable and this bought about a feeling of positivity and a sense that he was achieving something. We also watched a lot of funny movies during chemo, laughter really is the best medicine! Good luck!

    1. Thanks Roz. We’ve had some couples therapy but B will be going on his own as well. I predict a lot of long silences 🙂 I’m sure he will get used to it but it’s quite hard for him to open up – even to me sometimes. We just got a DVD box set of Alan Partridge – hilarious, laughter definitely helps.

      1. Good on you. The therapist Sam was seeing actually taught him coping techniques as well, like to recognize when he was becoming anxious, he had to ask himself a few questions such as; where am I right now? What can I do about this right now? She also got him to document his moods at certain times of the day, there were all these little things she made Sam do (I would find yellow post it notes all over the house with little notes to himself “remember to live in the right now” etc) it was good because Sam felt like he was doing something about the way he was feeling rather than just letting this thing take over his life. I wish you luck.
        Your blog freaks me out, I am still only half way through reading your earlier entries, but I really feel this could have been written by me (except you write extremely well!) I can’t believe how similar our story is, you describe your feelings and what’s happening so well. I feel like telling everyone that pesters me about my story to just read yours!!!!!!

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