Green tea

This may sound strange, but until very recently B and I had given no thought to potential dietary changes that might aid him in the treatment and recovery process. None of his consultants have mentioned it at all. Why is that? It’s 2012 for god’s sake – are conventional and ‘alternative’ treatments still so rigidly separate? It seems so.

A few of our new ‘cancer friends’ have recommended the book Anticancer: A new way of life. This contains advice about foods to avoid and so-called cancer fighting ‘superfoods’ and can be followed to the letter or just used to improve certain aspects of one’s diet.

A more rigid approach is a ketogenic diet in conjunction with caloric restriction. This diet is very low in carbs and high in fat and aims to starve the cancer of its main food source, glucose. It’s Atkins, but more extreme.

I’m not sure about it. There are studies that show it has reduced the size of tumours in the brains of mice, but I’ve also read that cancer is smart enough to learn how to use alternative energy sources.

Plus, B already has a brain tumour to deal with. Does he need to add insult to injury by cutting out sugar and bringing on the side effects of a ketogenic diet – constipation, halitosis, fatigue, headaches, irritability? Let the man have a Twix.

The fact is that our diet is already pretty good. We eat plenty of fruit and veg, hardly any junk food or takeaways, and we always choose free range and organic meats. I don’t think B will be willing to make any drastic changes but we are going to bring in a few improvements.


  • White bread, pasta, rice
  • Cakes, biscuits, pastries (except Sunday breakfast croissants, of course)
  • Shiraz


  • Green tea
  • Dark chocolate
  • Wholegrain bread, pasta, rice
  • More kale, broccoli, cabbage (mmm, brassicas)
  • Berries
  • Pomegranates
  • Pinot Noir

Red wine is full of antioxidants, especially pinot noir and cabernet sauvignon. So that’s a piece of good news.

Our evening earl grey & biscuit has been replaced by green tea and a few squares of dark chocolate. It’s ok. We dislike green tea but are getting used to it. We choke and grimace through each cup and tell each other ‘it’s really not so bad, is it?’

If all else fails we could import some green tea Kitkats from Japan. Just as good, surely?



  1. It feels good to be healthy!

  2. megan crawford · · Reply

    I’m all for alternative, holistic alternatives but they have to be practical and tolerable. You have to weigh up (given your already healthy lifestyle) how much you’re willing to sacrifice in the name of some internet suggestions…just saying enjoy in moderation what modern cuisine has to offer xx

    1. I fully agree cuz. I don’t see the point in B radically altering his diet when the effects aren’t proven. It would make him miserable – he likes his food!

  3. jo westwood · · Reply

    So strange as I’ve just been deliberating on Tea’s for Mark In a well known supermarket chain store. Though this was for his RAGE! Decided on a good old cup of Camomile. Although I will not partake as I do not drink hot drinks of any kind x

    1. Only chilled champagne for you? Very wise.

  4. We changed to brown rice and pasta and now prefer it!

    1. As long as the brown rice comes in a pouch that is cooked in the microwave for 2 minutes, I’m happy. Life is too short to cook rice in a saucepan. We’ve switched from white basmati to this:

  5. Hold everything – I’ve just tried this green tea and it’s really very nice. It’s not cheap though.

  6. Never underestimate the positive effects of enjoying delicious food ! – Even if it is not officially good. You need joy and pleasure to be healthy. (Just remember that doped-by-the-best-food-ever German at your party…)

    So, yes, make exceptions!
    I am quite conscious with food but I just don’t see the point in brown rice.

    What is worse in my opinion: you completely destroy the value of your food by using the microwave. (I do not bore you with the subject of electromagnetic pollution on top of that here, but I belive in it.)
    So, if you have brown rice or whatever from that machine, you can also eat anything else.

    The benefits of fresh fruit and vegetables are very convincing to me. I recommend the books of Dr. Norman Walker – about fresh juices for example. You should try that.

    A life without pasta is possible – but meaningless…

    1. Oh Claas, I get upset when you tell me off! πŸ˜‰

  7. You might want to check out this list:

    Do 2-3 cups a day of organic matcha green tea with a pinch of vitamin c powder and a tad of sugar (a few grams). Studies show that this increases absorption by 3 times. Add some quercetin to increase the anti-cancer effectiveness of the green tea (studies have shown that it slows down the conversion of EGCG to less effective metabolites)

    Also, check out curcumin at It’s been proven to cross the blood brain barrier at theaputic levels. Studies have demonstrated that curcumin suppresses cancer by several different mechanisms.

    1. Thanks – that is detailed food for thought.

  8. My son said he would rather die than live a life without cake! πŸ™‚ You make me laugh so that’ s good karma that will cure you easy by next Christmas x x x

  9. have you though about DCA it hasnt been passed yet mostly cause its a cheap drug that has seenpositive results in clinical trials.. they just finished. There is a private clinic in Toronto Ont canada that treats patients with this new drug.. google DCA cancer cure and DCA private clinic.. it maybe worth your time.. i hope it is for me!! Take care

    1. Thanks, I had a look. It seems to be in the early stages. The side effects don’t sound great. Could be promising for future cancer patients though.

  10. I feel as though I could have written your blog about the diet changes and the dreaded green tea! I have good news for you though, it will be your drink of choice in a while! 6 years later and it still is!! We got a lot of tips from that book also. Haven’t read the rest of your blog, I just had to comment on the diet changes as it sounded as if I wrote it! PS dry gingerale was a god send during chemo (temozolomide) for the nausea! Oh and 2 pieces of dark choc daily is a must!

    1. Thanks Roz and you’re right – I’m completely used to green tea now and even enjoy it! B is taking a bit longer but he likes matcha so we are starting to get into that too.

  11. I tried green tea crisps in Bangkok, they were disgusting. πŸ™‚

    1. But so good for you! πŸ˜‰

  12. Stay away from gmo food and products produced by pro gmo companies (like NESTLΓ‰), stop eating microwaved foods, go more raw, sprouts, probiotics, rebounding, far infrared saunas, use/get a vitamix and star juicing more, grounding, try to avoid emf’s (emf radiation affects the brain more than anything!). God bless

    1. Thanks Paul, all sound advice according to some but B rolls his eyes at most of it! It’s true that there is no solid evidence that it makes any difference.

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