Chemo boy

Sleepier than a narcoleptic. More nauseous than a pregnant lady. Able to lose weight without dieting. Look! On the sofa. It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s Chemo Boy!

B went to the Royal Marsden today for his consultation, blood test and collection of drugs. Here he is, ready for Round 2.

Our drugs drawer did need replenishing, so at least our small pharmacy is back in business.

Note the big box of ‘Laxido’. Full points for attempting to give a laxative a stylish name. What’s next, CoolStool™?

B hasn’t been looking forward to this week, but I think it’s mostly because of his disastrous Round 1 – cold, chest infection, hospitalisation etc. We’re both healthy this time around so (fingers crossed) that won’t be repeated. It’ll be a long old 5 days though.



  1. Be healthy friend. Live healthy.

  2. I start again on Friday 😦 don’t know how much or how long! Will let you know xx
    It gets easier by the cycle, you know what to do and what not to do!!!
    Take care to the both of you
    Karen 🙂

    1. I was wondering when you’d start yours – good luck! It is Temozolomide? xx

  3. Ps. Can I be Chemo Girl lol x

    1. I think you definitely quality for that title! xx

  4. CoolStool! Jilly you ARE a cracker! I just bought some icare toilet paper which was packaged like an iphone.

    1. Nice. Did you buy it?

  5. It was last time but won’t know if it is again till Friday 😦 start it saturday morning x

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