This is the last day of B’s second round of chemo. He’s coped quite well. He’s been tired and today he feels ‘awful’ in a non-specific way ‘as if I’ve taken a shitload of drugs’. Which of course, he has. He actually said ‘load’ but I’m allowed to use creative license for emphasis. Unfortunately it’s not plain sailing from here as the effects will continue for some time yet.

We’ve had a busy week nonetheless. Yesterday we had a very pleasant Friday out and about in London. We went to Kerb for street food at Fleisch Mob – schnitzel on sourdough with apple & cranberry compote and rocket, mmm.

Then we headed to the new Death: A Self-Portrait exhibition at the Wellcome Collection. We go there often as they have the kind of macabre exhibitions we like, such as Brains a while ago.

On the way home we stopped at Tea Smith in Spitalfields to try out Matcha tea. I’ve been learning about this in my green tea research. It contains 140 times the antioxidants of green leaf tea as you ingest the entire leaf. It’s a curious bright green and frothy liquid and is quite pleasant and refreshing. But being Japanese, preparing it is not simply a matter of adding the powder to hot water and imbibing. Oh no. But more on that in a future post.

On Thursday night we saw Swan Lake at the Royal Opera House. As a jaded Londoner attending a show after a long day at work, my thoughts usually run along the lines of ‘yawn, another show, when can we leave so I can get into my pyjamas?’ The comforts of an elasticised waistband were all but forgotten within the first few minutes as it was truly spectacular and beautiful. I would go so far as to say it’s one of the best things I’ve seen in London.

The musings of any old lady did, however, go through my mind:

  • That looks exhausting, and very hard on the feet
  • These birds need a nice big bowl of pasta
  • My back is going to be killing me after sitting in this seat for 3 hours (it was)
  • What a relief to watch something without speech or singing – the human voice is so overrated

It was the first time B and I had seen a major ballet, but it certainly won’t be the last.



  1. Ha, I didn’t believe for a minute that B said ‘shitload’!

    1. It is hard to imagine. You know I’m the uncouth one in this marriage.

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