Carrot and stick part 2

After rhapsodising a while back about my ‘stick’ approach to exercise, I then proceeded to completely ignore it and do whatever I liked (nothing) with zero consequences.

Things came to a head a few weeks ago when I adjusted my wardrobe to cope with the colder months. I got a shock when I put on my winter skirts from last year. I could get them on, but walking and breathing was an issue.

I am therefore taking a leaf out of my friend Kathy’s book and trying the carrot approach.

For 6 weeks, I must adhere to 4 simple rules. If I do, B will book me a massage at Thai Square Spa at the end of it. The rules are:

  • Exercise 5 times a week
  • No carbs after 6pm
  • 1 fasting day per week
  • No alcohol

Simple but ruthless. This is week 2 and already the skirts are a bit less constricting.

I’ve also somewhat foolishly signed up for a 2 week boot camp on the Common, starting next week. This runs for 10 consecutive weekdays from 6-7am, rain or shine. Well, the chances of ‘shine’ at that hour are nil. The chances of darkness, rain and wind are high.

B has demonstrated his unswerving faith in me thusly:

Me: Do you think I can do this?
B: Maybe.

I’ve been preparing for boot camp by doing the outdoor classes run by the same company on Saturday mornings. Somehow I have gotten out of bed in order to lie on a mud-soaked mat on the ground doing crunches. Take that, husband (he who no doubt has the last laugh as he is still in bed asleep at this point).

I look a right state when I get home. I will not be posting any photos.



  1. Tatielane · · Reply

    Oh bravo Jill! That is a fierce regime you have going. You will utterly deserve that wonderful massage when the day comes.

    Here’s my own update. It was getting increasingly easy to forgive myself for not exercising on days when there wasn’t an opportunity (eg yesterday I didn’t get home till 9pm and then had a house guest to entertain); however I’ve noticed this has now slipped to forgiving myself for not doing any when frankly there was no excuse. I can’t let this rot set in.

    It has been distinctly harder to find the motivation, once it got dark in the evenings and cold in my garage where the treadmill is. I have now resolved that by getting a hoodie-fleecy-cardigan thing that I can wear on my warm-up. So, I am introducing a stick to add to my carrot. Tonight: no excuses. And no watching Pointless until it’s done. I will report back.

    1. Yes I’m good at implementing fierce regimes that fall in a heap after a few days – this time I’m determined though! I think you can give yourself a break when you get home at 9pm. A warm-up fleece is essential, although I tend to strip down to the sports bra as the central heating is on (sorry if TMI). Good luck to both of us, I say.

  2. Oh please be careful both of you.
    My friends daughter attended boot camp and loved it so much that a year later she still goes every Sunday. I would hate for you to become addicted!

    1. Could it really be possible for me to have a healthy addiction? Here’s hoping.

  3. Omg you are insane!! At least you can drink at christmas lol x Take care x

  4. If you fail, will B buy you a Massamam at Thai Square restaurant?

    1. Haha, I’ll probably have to buy him a Pad Thai.

  5. […] couple of you may be wondering how the 6-week carrot approach I wrote about in November is […]

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